Shoe Kryptonite: Carvela Khloe bow shoes in nude and black

Carvela Khloe bow shoes in pink and black


Carvela Khloe


carvela khloe bow

Carvela Khloe bow shoes, £59 (or £29 at Shoeaholics)

Sometimes I think writing this blog is really, really bad for me. I mean, it’s a bit like expecting an alcoholic to work in a bar, isn’t it? I’m faced with all of these beautiful shoes day after day: sometimes it can be REALLY hard not to be tempted to buy them.

Enter Carvela Khloe.

Now, I have no idea why it’s taken me so long to discover these shoes. I’m actually a little embarrassed about it, to be completely honest. But when I finally found them on the Kurt Geiger website yesterday evening, it was love at first sight. The fact is – and I’m sure I don’t need to point this out – these shoes are more than a little bit inspired by Valentino and their famous bow pumps: in fact, they’re particularly similar to a pair of Valentinos I pinned a few weeks ago, and spent more time than I’d like to admit drooling over. They’re not EXACTLY the same, but that little, puffed-up bow is a favourite of mine, and any time anything even vaguely similar to it appears on a pair of shoes, I can guarantee that I’m going to want to buy them.


I tried to talk myself out of these. They’re available in nude and black, but it was the nude version I really loved, and I’ve already bought a pair of nude shoes this month, so it’s not like I NEEDED them.

But they were 50% off. And selling out fairly quickly, too: my size was still available when I found them, but a few other sizes had already sold out, which told me my size wouldn’t be around for long.

I might have held out despite all of this, but before I’d managed to talk myself out of them entirely, I thought I’d just pay a quick visit to Kurt Geiger’s discount site Shoeaholics, which sells KG brands at vastly reduced prices.

It just so happens that Shoeaholics is having a sale right now, and everything on the site is £29 or under. And it just so happened that they had the Carvela ‘Khloe’ shoes. In my size.

I’m just going to leave you to guess what may or may not have happened next. What I will say, however, is that if you fancy a pair of these yourself, you might want to act fast – I don’t think they’re going to stick around for long!

Buy them at Shoeaholics or Kurt Geiger


  • I’ve been coveting these for a while now after trying them on in TK Maxx just before Christmas! I keep telling myself I have enough nude or black shoes, but they are just beautiful. I keep ‘visiting’ them in the hopes I can dream up a reason to buy them!

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