Heart shoes for Valentine’s Day: ‘Delphine’ by Charlotte Olympia

heart shoes]Charlotte Olympia heart shoes

Charlotte Olympia heart shoes, £594

Well, with Valentine’s Day just around the corner, I figured I should step up to the plate and do what every self-respecting shoe blogger is required to do at this time of year: show you some heart shoes. Even although I’m not totally convinced the whole, “Ooh, Valentine’s Day: must wear hearts!” thing isn’t just a media construct, as opposed to something people ACTUALLY do.)

As regular ShoeperWoman readers will know, however, as far as I’m concerned, heart shoes aren’t just for Valentine’s Day. No, they’re the kind of thing I’d happily wear all year round (and pretty much DO, now I come to think of it), and these Charlotte Olympia peep toes may just be one of my favourite pairs so far. I absolutely love these shoes: they combine the angular, stylized shape that’s become this brand’s trademark, with a giant dose of whimsy which will also be familiar to Charlotte Olympia fans. While some of the styles the designer comes up with can go just a little TOO far with the “whimsy”, though, I think these get it just right: they’re sweet without being saccharine, and playful while still being easy to wear with whatever you want to.

Have I done enough gushing yet? Probably. Just in case you need some more, though, I’ll just quickly add that I really like the two available colour schemes  The red/pink version caught my eye first, and I didn’t think it could get any better, but the more I look at them, the more I like the black/red pair, too, which I think would be amazing with a black wiggle dress: very sexy, but also rather sweet.

The only thing I DON’T like? That £594 price tag. If these were from a high street brand (with a price-point to match) I’d probably have bought them in both colours by now. No one does heart shoes quite like Charlotte Olympia, though,  do they?

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 P.S. These are also available in white at Net-a-Porter:

Charlotte Olympia Delphine


  • I would love them all sans that weird platform. Actually, I can say that about pretty much all ChO shoes.

  • Wow! I love these, weird platform and all!! (Usually I can’t get over that..) I can’t choose which colour is my favorite either. It’s too bad they’re so darn expensive…..!

  • Love the hearts. Hate the platform. I guess lots of people love the platform though, as it’s still going strong.

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