Topshop ‘Grace’ high heeled red peep toes

red peep toes


Topshop ‘Grace’ high heeled red peep toes, £65

Out of all of the different styles of shoes that exist in the world, I think red peep toes would have to be my all-time favourites. There’s just something about the combination of bright red uppers with painted toe nails peeping out of the bottom that makes them perfect in my book. Not only that, red peep toes tend to be the most worn shoes in my entire collection: I wear them with jeans, with dresses, with casual outfits and with dressy ones – they’re just my go-to shoes, basically.

All of which brings me to Topshop’s ‘Grace’ peep toes. These aren’t perfect: I personally would like them better without the ankle strap, although I know that’s the focal point of the design – but such is the power of the red peep toe, that even my least favourite pair of them will still look better to me than most other types of shoes.

I think I might have a problem. If you, meanwhile, just want the shoes, you can buy them at Topshop, where they’re £65.

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