Studded flat sandals from Zara

studded sandals flat sandals

Zara sandals, £39.99

I don’t like flat sandals.

I know many people consider them to be a summer staple, but any pair I try on always instantly remind me of the kind of sandals I’d have worn as a little girl, and go straight back on the shelf. They may be comfortable, and great for hot days, but I think I’ll stick to ballet flats and wedges and leave the sandals to those of you who can really do them justice.

If I WAS going to buy a pair of flat sandals, however, these are the ones I’d go for. There’s nothing childish about the gold studs that cover the uppers, and the nude colour would make them very easy to wear. In fact, despite being a category of shoe that I’ve always more or less ignored in the past, I have to admit that I can actually see myself wearing these: maybe not frequently, exactly, but I’d definitely be willing to give them a go: who knows, I might even come to love them!

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