Jerome C. Rousseau lilac suede ‘Popp’ sandals

lilac suede sandals

Jerome C. Rousseau sandals, £530

These shoes had me at the words “lilac suede”. It’s such a gorgeous colour, and one that’s fairly unusual when it comes to shoes, so almost anything in this particular colour would warrant a second look from me.

In this case, that second look simply served to confirm what I already knew: that Jerome C. Rousseau is fast becoming one of my favourite footwear brands, with each pair of shoes I come across even more fabulous than the last.

In addition to the stand-out colour, these sandals also make great use of the crossover straps that have been popping up here, there and everywhere this season. It’s a really nice feature, which helps make the shoe seem both more interesting and more delicate, somehow.

Naturally, of course, shoes like this don’t come cheap, and at £530, these will have to remain in the “don’t even think about it” category for me. If you want to buy a pair, however, you’ll find them here.

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