Chockers bow front platform peep toe shoes

These shoes are actually available in a few different colour combinations: I’m showing you the green ones, though, because, well, I wouldn’t be me, if they weren’t my favourites, would I?

What? You want to see some other colours too, for a change? Oh, here you go:

While we’re on the subject, I may as well tell you that they’re also available without the bow, in even MORE colour combinations:

Having had a bit more time to look at these, I actually think I might like the cream and black version most of all, possibly because they look the most expensive/classic of the collection. As soon as I saw them, I imagined wearing them with black jeans, or a fitted dress. Mind you, I can imagine wearing ALL of these shoes with those particular clothes, so that’s not saying much.

These are cheap (You’ll pay between £30 – £35, depending on the style you choose) and they’re cheerful: I’ve never ordered from Chockers, so I can say nothing about the quality, but if you want to find out for yourself, you can click here to buy a pair: but only if you promise to come back and tell me what you buy!


  • I just ordered a similar pair from Chockers (Hollywood bow detail ones in green – hope you’re proud!). Pretty much as you’d expect, quality wise. They are suede which is pretty amazing for under thirty quid, but they’re not particularly well made (bit of visible glue on the platform). For the amount of times I’ll wear them, I’m happy. Delivery was quick and they give a one hour window on the day via text, which is pretty amazing compared to certain OTHER courier companies that shove a ‘sorry you were out’ card through the door without even ringing the bell 😉

    • Ha, indeed! Those other companies can suck it!

      That’s good to know about the quality – I’ve been wondering for a while what these would be like in real life! Sounds about what I’d have expected: can’t turn your nose up at it for £30, though! Good work on the green, by the way 😉

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