Kelis wears THOSE Alexander McQueen shoes to the First Annual Data Awards

Kelis at the First Annual Data AwardsYou don’t really need any commentary from me on this one, do you?

Nope, didn’t think so.


  • I would love to own a pair of those, as a piece of art and a good decor idea for my living room. Wearing them in public is, to me at least, a sacrilege. Except when Daphne Guinness does it – she has a stack of get-out-of-jail-free cards with me 😉

  • They look like some kind of cyber punk/ballet hybrid. And her ‘outfit’ just adds to that theme. And tails? I’m sure it wasn’t more than a black tie event…

  • These shoes are not as cool as I’d thought. You can clearly see the outline of the foot in a normal position inside them ruining the illusion of ballet boots. Damn.

  • This was my reaction to the shoes:
    I was looking at her outfit, talking to friends and laughing. This was my face -> 😀
    I scrolled down and it turned into this -> 😐 <- in a nanosecond. There are NO words for those shoes. Its just… I mean… ugh…..
    Fine. One word. WHY??????
    I guess money really does create excentrics everyday.
    Also, I'm curious about that outfit. It looks like something it'd give someone a cameltoe…

  • Uhh, this is so wrong…it’s right! This outfit fills my heart with so much joy! It’s a hot mess and I love it!

    Also, why are people only wearing the boring beige ones? If I had the money to buy McQueens and/or the connections to get my hands on a pair, i’d go far the snake-patterned or crystal-embellished shoes! They were ten times better!

    • YES, exactly! people keep showing up in these plain ones that look kind of… Cheap or something. They were on the runway in so many fabulous textures, why not those?

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