Friday Night Louboutin Fix: Christian Louboutin Miss Chief red polka dot bow shoes

In response to reader demand (um, well, there were a whole TWO requests! Hi, both of you!) the Friday Night Louboutin Fix is back! But I’m worried. In fact, I think there may be something wrong with me. Look at these shoes, readers. Three points:

a) They’re by Christian Louboutin

b) They have polka dots

c) And a bow. A big one.

So, polka dots AND a bow, on a shoe by my favourite designer. And yet somehow I’m not feeling the urge to buy them. (Which is probably a good thing, because they’re $795. ) Too cutesy? Too costumey? Or just a passing moment of madness on my part? What do you think, readers: do you love these? Get them at Barneys if you do: they’re also available in black and white (And no, I’m somehow not feeling those either. Maybe I should go and lie down…)


  • These are adorable! And is it sad that I literally screamed “I got mentioned!!” to my friend after reading this post?!
    Keep up the great work! x πŸ˜€

  • I think it’s the whole ‘mule’ this that makes them so unappealing. I love CL and every-so-often even fork out for a pair, but even I must admit that a good 50% of his designs are seriously … well … tacky. Which is probably why I tend to restrict myself the the plain-ish court shoes which are merely ‘sexed-up’ by the red sole, rather than ‘chav-ed out’ :oS

    These had the potential to be seriously cute – maybe as a d’orsay, or even as a maryjane with the strap as the bow – but like this … not for me

  • I get what you mean…I feel like they *should* be awesome, but they aren’t. My problem with them is the fabric is too thin and the polka dots on the underside of the fabric are showing through, and that looks cheap.

    I am extremely picky though.

  • I agree with you. I also love polka dots, bows, or basically any other girly adornment on clothes and accessories, but I don’t care for these. There’s too much going on. There’s a fine line between something being cute and being too cute, if you know what I mean.

    If I were to fork over that much money on a pair of shoes, I would make sure they were something more versatile than red polka dots. Maybe celebrities and other people who have similarly giant fashion budgets can afford to buy expensive, unitasking shoes like these, but I know I can’t.

  • stick with yer initial instincts…too cutesy and too costumey…also $795? too much given the other “toos”…these may be the least attractive louboutins i have seen

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