Shoe Kryptonite: I love Valentino tan and white bow detail pumps

Valentino bow detail pumps

Every time I think Valentino’s use of bows on shoes just can’t get any better, along comes another shoe to make me drool. I absolutely adore these two-tone peep toes, which use white and tan to such stunning effect.  Even although white shoes can instantly make you think “bride”, these ones just make me think “summer”: I’m imagining them worn with one of those white shift dresses I’m always banging on about, but really, these would work with almost everything. I particularly love the contrast of the tan on white, and the way the slingback is threaded through the upper, turning a super-sweet shoe into a very sophisticated one, too.

I love these so much that I’m declaring them to be Shoe Kryptonite. If you love them too, they’re £529, and you can click here to buy them from Far Fetch.



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