Oatmeal and green colourblock loafers from New Look

high heel loafers

How do you get Shoeperwoman to look twice at a pair of loafers? Or, indeed, almost ANY item of clothing/footwear she wouldn’t normally even acknowledge the existence of? Why, you add a touch of mint green to it, of course: it’s as easy as that!

Although I DID look twice at these New Look loafers, and will admit to really quite liking them, it wouldn’t be quite so easy to persuade me to buy them. They may well be only £24.99, you see, but the loafer shape would still hold me back: I’ve always found shoes with a very high vamp to be quite unflattering on the foot for some reason, so as much as I WANT to love these, they’re not quite there.

They are the nicest pair of loafers I think I’ve seen, though, and have convinced me that pink/beige/mint is definitely a colour combination to investigate further. These are also available in a black and white colourway, and are available at New Look.


  • Per usual, I dislike the thick platform but I like the rest. I think the color combo of mint and non-patent ‘nude’ is very fresh.

  • These are gorgeous. Very feminine despite the lack of a sexy shape. And the color-combination is very good, also. I think I, too, am going to be looking for those colors in other things.

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