Sophia Webster ‘Izzy’ Polka Heart Metallic Pumps

pink high heels with heart print silver shoes with pink hearts

sweetheart vamp on pink shoeSophia Webster ‘Izzy‘, £286

I looked at, and then dismissed, these shoes at least twice before finally deciding to feature them. After all of that, I’m STILL not totally sure how I feel about them, so perhaps you can help me out by telling me how YOU feel about them instead, hmmm?

On the one hand, these shoes definitely have a lot going for them. I find hearts on shoes pretty much irresistible, and given that I ALSO find polka dots irresistible, a “polka heart”, as Saks Fifth Avenue describe it, is generally going to be downright lethal: true Shoe Kryptonite.

Then there’s the sweetheart vamp. This is another detail that I really like to see on shoes: it has the ability to make an otherwise plain pump feel much more special, and the deep cut of this one also gives the look a dose of sex appeal, too.

Not, mind you, that these really need any extra details to make them more interesting. The downside of these shoes (for me) is that the metallic upper is just a little bit too 80s – at least in the pink version – and perhaps just a little bit too MUCH. I generally like metallic shoes, and find them easy to wear, even for daytime, but I think my love probably extends only to the “classic” metallics, like silver, gold and bronze. I like the silver version of this shoe much better than the pink one, for instance, purely because it’s that bit more subtle, but I suspect it’s the very LACK of subtlety that will make some people prefer the pink version, so I guess it’s a good job the designer thoughtfully provided both options.

One thing’s for sure, though: I really love the delicate shape of these shoes, with the sharp curve to the side – such a beautiful, classic shape!

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  • I’m crushed that they chose to go with those colours on what is, otherwise, as you already said, a very very cute & irresistible shoe. Maybe they’ll release these in other colours that would appeal to different (read “my”) tastes? Here’s hoping…

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