Mango mint green platform peep toes

Mango mint green platform peep toes

Mango mint green platform peep toes, £44.99

Just a couple of days ago I was talking about the lack of mint green shoes this season, and now here’s another pair: it’s always the way of things, isn’t it?

I actually wasn’t searching for mint green shoes this time – these ones found me, while I was browsing Mango’s autumn/winter collection. As much as I love mint green, and am happy to wear it all year-round (one of my favourite winter coats is almost this exact colour: I’m a big fan of pastels in winter – they’re just so much more fun than all of the gloomy, dark colours you normally see at that time of year!), pale suede obviously isn’t the most practical colour for later in the year, and the peep toe probably won’t be too practical either. Still, I’m holding out for an Indian summer, and if not, you could always wear them for evening events. Or that’s what I’m telling myself, anyway.

Like the slingbacks I showed you last week, these also have a platform sole and a very high heel: one will help balance the other out, of course, so hopefully they won’t be too tricky to walk in. As you can probably tell from the £45 price tag, these have man-made uppers: I tend to find that fake suede looks much cheaper than faux leather does, and that’s the one thing putting me off these. I can’t really complain, given the price, though, and, as always, these have reminded me that I should check out the Mango website more often. A few years ago, a large percentage of my wardrobe came from Mango, but these days I always seem to forget about it, probably because there isn’t a store near me. Perhaps the knowledge that they’re making such cute shoes will help me remember to visit the website more often, though!

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