Black glitter ankle boots: Topshop ‘Magnum’

black glitter ankle boots

Topshop Magnum glitter ankle bootsTHE SHOES: Topshop ‘Magnum’ black glitter ankle boots, £82

While glitter-covered shoes or sandals are almost always going to be relegated to the “special occasions only” section of the shoedrobe, the great thing about glitter covered ankle boots is that they can be worn much more casually. No, they’re never going to create what you’d call a “dressed down” look, but they’re actually much more versatile than you might think, and can be the perfect foundation for a casual/glam look. Because who says casual dressing has to be boring? Not this Shoeperhero, anyway.

These boots are from Topshop, and the black upper also helps makes these slightly more wearable. I think they’d look great with skinny jeans or leggings, for instance, for an “off-duty rock star” kinda look:

off-duty rockstar

THE STYLE:  leather trousers // jacket // sweater // bag // sunglasses 

(I know I said these would look good with jeans or leggings, but I reckon a rock star would be more likely to wear these leather trousers, don’t you?)

If you’re someone who struggles to stay stylish when it’s cold out (I know I am!), this outfit could be one way to do it: it should keep you pretty warm, without having to resort to giant puffa jackets or Ugg boots! These boots definitely won’t be as warm as Uggs, mind you – not many boots are – but they’re a whole lot more glamorous, and although the heel is high (4″, according to the Topshop website), it’s also quite thick, giving the boot a bit more stability than a stiletto would, as well as keeping it slightly more casual.

I think these would look great as part of an all black outfit, as I’ve styled them here, but of course, you shouldn’t have any problems finding other colours to work with black boots: just take your pick!




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