ASOS Footwear Wishlist

It’s been a while since I did an ASOS wishlist, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been looking: far from it, in fact. Here are some shoes and boots I currently have my eye on…

ASOS Heaven Sent Heeled Sandals

ASOS Heaven Sent Heeled Sandals

I’m sure I’ve posted these exact shoes before, just in a different colourway: maybe even TWO different colourways, now I come to think of it. As long as ASOS keep coming up with different colours and textures, though, I’m happy to keep on posting about them, because those bows are gorgeous – and the gold glitter upper is party-season perfect, too.

ASOS Lili PEarl Embossed flats

ASOS Lili Pearl Embossed Flats

I’ve also had my eye on these shoes for a while now: there’s something just a little bit decadent about the floral upper, with its pearl embellishment, and they’re also one of the prettiest pairs of flats I’ve seen in a while. I think those uppers look a little bit too delicate for daily wear at this time of year, but, as with the shoes above, I’m sure they’d come in handy for party season, and will also look good with jeans when spring finally rolls around again.

Now, I give you fair warning: the next item on my list is probably not going to appeal to everyone…

ASOS Camber Stretch over-the-knee boots

ASOS Kamber stretch over the knee boots

I had a few thoughts when I first seen these. The first was, “Wow, those look uncomfortable on the thighs!”, quickly followed by, “If they’re digging into the model’s thighs that much, imagine what they’d be like on mine!” Then I realised the model is probably several inches taller  than me, which means those boots would probably reach my armpits: gulp. All of that aside, though, on the off-chance that they DID fit properly, I can actually imagine myself wearing these to death: the neutral colour will go with everything, and the slim leg means they won’t look too bulky under skirts and dresses. Hey, I wonder if they make a ‘petite’ version?

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