Shoeper Shoe Challenge # 24: Checkmate

WHAT: Schuh ‘Garda’ wedges
WHEN: June 2011
WHERE: Long Beach, California
WITH:  Denim shorts, AG Adriano Goldschmied (c/o Shopbop); tank, Gap Body; check shirt, H&M; hat, Topshop.

It’s Friday, so I thought I’d show you a slightly more causal outfit today. First of all, though, a quick explanation of the shoes, which are Schuh’s ‘Garda’ wedges (now reduced to £39.99. I paid full price for them. No, I’m still not over it.)

The eagle-eyed among you – or those of you who also own these – may have noticed that they had an ankle strap the first time I showed them to you, and they don’t have one now. Well, they actually DO still have an ankle strap, but I’d been wearing them the day before these photos were taken, and the strap had started to chafe a little at my ankle, so I reached down to adjust it, and realised that with a little bit of tugging, I could remove it altogether. I also discovered that, in my case at least, the strap is purely decorative. It doesn’t make any difference to how the shoes fit or feel, and they stay on just as easily without it as they do with it, so I left it off this time to save my ankles, and put it back a couple of days later. Two looks for the price of… actually, let’s not talk about the price, hmm?

As you can see from the photo at the top of the page, most of these were taken at the Queen Mary, which is moored at Long Beach. We didn’t actually tour the ship, because we were on our way somewhere else at the time, but it was a pretty cool thing to see. As we were walking away, the ship’s horn suddenly sounded, and we all almost died of fright. It’s one BIG ship.

Have a great weekend, everyone!


  • I stayed on the Queen Mary when I was in California! You should have toured it, its beautiful inside. Very Art Deco. I Still want those shoes. They look amazing.

  • I actually kinda like them without the ankle strap and as long as they don’t affect the wear of the shoe, I’d keep it strapless 🙂

  • I visited California around this time last year and I’m getting all nostalgic now. I need some California beachy times!
    You look beautiful and relaxed in these photos – I’m doubly jealous!

  • Yeah, I sorta like the look of them without the ankle strap. I really adore those shoes though. Your blog makes me wish I didn’t have foot problems. 🙁

    Even in a more casual outfit, you still look great. I am very jealous.

  • I loved the match, gingham shirt with the shoes, and in two colors – really loved it! I know what you mean by the price – I bought two pairs from Schuh LAST WEEK, for the full price, and THIS WEEK they were heavily reduced… and I am also not OK yet with the matter…
    Very beautiful pics and you look lovely as always!

  • You look like a modern day Dorothy Gale! And I mean that in the best possible way. I love, love, love those wedges. I was never much of a wedge fan until recently and have been dying to start incorporating them into my shoe collection (although god knows I don’t actually need more shoes). I’m pretty sure you were at least the partial cause for my change of mind.

  • i wold never have thought of pairing that top and shoes…but u did and it looks GREAT…now i want the shoes too:(

  • Just got these on schuh ebay outlet in Tan Leather for £21. Absolute bargain! theres loads more on there i suggest you girls check it out.

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