New Look stone bow front sandals

New Look stone bow front sandals

New Look stone bow front sandals, £24.99

I’ve been really impressed with New Look lately. They’re one of those brands who can go for seemingly months on end without doing anything much to attract my attention, and then all of a sudden I’ll find a ton of things I really, really want. The summer season was like that: lots of fabulous midi skirts (worlds away from the short, flimsy dresses I normally associate with New Look), cropped cardigans and other, generally covetable pieces, and all at a pretty good price point, too.

These shoes are also cute: OK, they’re not quite in that “I must have them now!” category, but they’re £24.99, they have a super-sweet little bow on the front (I’m going to assume this is just a really bad angle for the photo here: I hate the fact that I can see the fabric on the inside of the bow – it really cheapens the overall look of the shoe, but presumably wouldn’t be visible when you were actually wearing them. Or I hope not, anyway.), and they’re in a neutral shade, which you’ll be able to wear with absolutely everything, so I’m not going to complain.

These also come in black, and I guess for this kind of price you could probably justify buying them both if you really wanted to. They’re both very versatile, wearable colours, obviously, and they’re also the kind of style that you could make work for both day and evening wear: well, assuming the weather was warm enough to wear them during the day, obviously. If you’re not into the bow, meanwhile, have a quick look at the New Look shoe section: they have quite a few pairs of very simple sandals which are basically this style, but without the bow – the best of both worlds!

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