Matalan t-bar strappy sandals

Matalan t-bar strappy sandals

Matalan t-bar strappy sandals, £15

It’s a long time since I was last in a Matalan store (a few years back I seemed to be in my local store every few weeks, and leaving with shoes every single time…), but I found myself near one a few weeks ago, so, of course, I had to pop in for a quick look! Matalan’s shoe collections in recent years haven’t been quite as good as they used to be (Yes, I realise I’m making myself sound ancient, here. I remember when this was all fields, you know!), but I was much more impressed that I expected to be, and quite apart from the many pairs of flats, which I had to tear myself away from (Well, you always need ballet flats, don’t you, and when they’re something like £6 each, it’s hard to resist stocking up…) my eyes instantly zeroed in on these high heeled t-bar sandals.

These only seem to be available in mint green on the website (at the time of writing, at least), but were also in baby pink and pastel blue in the store. Mint green is a particular weakness of mine, as regular readers will know by now, but I loved all three colours in this case, and would have been hard-pressed to choose between them, had I been able to justify another shoe purchase. Which I wasn’t, unfortunately: I had to leave them behind, but not without a backwards glance of longing!

I think these were nicer in real life than they look in the photo: the heel somehow looked taller, and the sides curvier. I’ve no idea how comfortable that would make them, of course, but then again, I’m guessing that if you’re shopping for “comfort” shoes, these probably wouldn’t make it onto your shortlist in any case!

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