Miu Miu Zip-Back Glitter Booties

Miu Miu Zip-Back Glitter Booties

The Autumn/Winter collections are starting to arrive.

Under normal circumstances, this would be cause for great sadness here at Shoeper Towers, because winter means snow and rain and freezing temperatures boots, and I tend to find most boots pretty dull and uninspired.

This year, however, these Miu Miu glitter covered booties exist. It’s hard to feel sad when you’re looking at these. Now, granted, they’re a bit “out there”. They’re a little bit unreal looking. And they’d be almost totally unwearable in my little world. But even so: the very fact that someone’s making boots which aren’t boring and black (or boring and brown, which is often the only other option) gives me cause to feel optimistic about the coming change of seasons. Maybe this year will be the year I learn to love boots? Maybe not. It COULD be the year YOU buy glitter-covered booties, though: you can click here to do it.

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  • I just bought a pair of Miu Mius. Not a glitter to be seen! I wouldn’t wear these but I would be happy if someone else did.

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