Dune ‘Warren’ raffia and suede peep toes

Raffia and suede is a combination I don’t think I’d ever seen until this year, and suddenly it seems to be everywhere. It’s a bit of an impractical combination here in not-so-sunny Scotland, unfortunately, because those are two easily-ruined fabrics, but the bright colours and cute shape still leads me into temptation. Predictably, my favourite is the bright green version, but the orange is also great, and is currently very much “on trend” (I can’t type that without the inverted commas, sorry), if you care about such things.

These are £85: click here to buy them.


  • I’m not wild about the suede and raffia combo. Not that I would only wear suede in Winter, but it does have a more wintery feel to it, as opposed to raffia, which, oh well, reminds me of palmtrees and cocktails. So no, I’d rather see this shoe without the raffia. (suede trumps all the other uppers every time)

  • That orange is gorgeous! Although, I think wearing those two colors together would be an even better way to show the shoes off. Not wearing two different shoes, but like a top or something in the opposite color.

  • In fact, I liked both and the combination of suede and raffia too! The colors are gorgeous! Well, moving to England wouldn’t help me with wearing suede either… but they are beautiful!

  • I bought the green pair for my brother’s wedding! They are gorgeous, even if I do say so myself, and actually quite comfortable!

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