Miss KG Patsy Bow Platform Shoes

gold bow sandals

These are the kind of shoes I always feel like I shouldn’t like quite as much as I do: they’re unashamedly glitzy and girly, and every time I look at them, the word “disco” pops into my head, and won’t get back out.

Still, I DO like them: they’re very typical of Miss KG, who’ve released a few variations of this kind of style in the past, and they’d be fabulous on a night out, with the ubiquitous little black dress, or, indeed, any other kind of dress, or pants, or skirt, or … you get the idea: they’re gold and black, there won’t be too many things you won’t be able to wear them with, if you really want to.

Like them? They’re called ‘Patsy’, and they’re £80: click here to buy a pair.

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