New Shoes # 72: Schuh ‘Garda’ gingham wedges

I mentioned recently that I’d probably be buying some new shoes to celebrate its second blog birthday, and here they are: Schuh’s ‘Garada’ wedges! And given that is actually a website and doesn’t have any feet, it looks like I’ll just have to wear these for it: ah, well!

I loved these shoes as soon as I laid eyes on them, but they were pretty expensive for a pair of canvas wedges, so I must admit that when I placed the order last week, I wasn’t totally sure whether I’d be able to justify keeping them or not. As soon as I opened the box, though, I knew these shoes would be going nowhere (unless they were going on my feet, obviously), because the photos don’t do justice to them, and in real life they’re even prettier than I’d expected: the perfect summer shoes, basically!

I ordered my usual size, which are a good fit, although the toe is fairly narrow, so if you have wide feet, you may need to go up a size in these. Other than that, they seem pretty comfortable, although so far I’ve only worn them to try them on, so I guess I’ll find out how comfortable they REALLY are when I actually try wearing them all day.

Welcome to the shoe shelves, pair number 72! Well, I did say there would be more red fabric wedges, didn’t I?

(Click here if you want to buy a pair of these and be my shoe schuh twin!)


    • I’m jealous as well. I’ve been eyeing them since they came in, and I hope they’ll still be available when I’m allowed again to give myself a little treat…

      • Yep, I’ve been eyeing them since they came in too, but I won’t be allowed to give myself a £70 treat for quite a while yet 🙁

  • So beautiful! God, I envy you right now! They’re so summery I can’t help but picture you having a picnic and drinking iced lemonade 🙂

  • Oh, you did buy them, congratultions! They are soooo beautiful, I’m curious to see with which dress (or jeans, OK!) you’ll wear them to show us! Really lovely!!!

  • Oh, I’m so jealous, ever since I’ve seen them I’ve wanted them so badly but £70 is way too much for a poor student :’)

  • oOOOoOo I’m glad you got them!!! Now you can scratch those off your Wish List!! =] Does these count as your shoesday shoes??

    Schuh Twin! haha cracks me up. Okay I have a little story, kinda gross but still funny. At my job we have to submit random urine tests every once in a while and when you go to take the test they have a sign up that says: “If you fail this test, URINE trouble!” It makes me crack up every time!!!

  • I love these! Wish I could afford them, but the $104 price tag & the nearly $18 s&h fee, I cannot 🙁 I will stare at your pair though! That’s just as good, right?

  • I’m not normally a big fan if wedges, but these are so cute! They’re making me wonder why I don’t have any gingham shoes!

  • They are darling. Great choice. I DON’T think you own too many red shoes; it looks great with your red toenails and gorgeous skin.

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