Kurt Geiger ‘Layla’ pink suede point-toed court shoes

First up: did anyone manage to read the name of these shoes without breaking into a quick chorus of Eric Clapton’s ‘Layla’, or am I just revealing a little too much about myself here? OK, moving on…

These shoes are another great example of what I keep referring to the as the “ladylike” look which cropped up on so many of the Autumn/Winter catwalks: think pencil skirts, 50s-style dresses, cure little cardigans with pearls. I love all of it, and I also love these shoes, which I think are timeless enough to last long after this particular moment in fashion has passed. They’d be perfect with all of the above mentioned items, or great with a simple pair of jeans or capri pants, and the pink suede uppers help to lift them far above “ordinary” (they’re also available in a rather nice black with white trim).

These are from the KG by Kurt Geiger range, and are £90: click here to buy them.


  • I completely love the “ladylike” look that’s hit the catwalks lately – it’s totally the sort of thing I love to wear – but it always perplexes me when shoe manufacturers release suede shoes in winter. I’m always terrified of wearing suede in the winter months for fear they’ll be rained on and ruined.

    Love the black and the pink. Would probably get the black for the office if I had a spare £90 lying around …

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