Shoe Kryptonite: Miss KG ‘Minnie’ pumps in red suede with polka dot bow

Oh. My. God.

I’m sorry I can’t seem to be more articulate here, readers. But I love these shoes. I loved them last year, when Miss KG released them in grey and pink. And I love them even more now that they’ve brought out this red suede/black polka dot version, which really lives up to the name ‘Minnie’.

To be completely honest with you, my heart actually sank a little when I saw these beauties. “Oh God,” I thought. “I’m going to want to buy those, aren’t I? But I can’t justify buying them right now, so I’m going to have to wait until next month, when I just bet they’ll be sold out in my size. And then I’ll be doomed to spend the rest of my life searching eBay for them, and will probably end up paying more than the £80 they’re selling for.”

Thus the prophecy is written, oh readers. Will these shoes still be in stock by pay day? Will I buy them? You’ll just have to wait and see. (I know, it’s like a cliffhanger in a soap opera, only not as good.)

If you’re not prepared to wait, however, you can click here to buy a pair. Just please, please don’t buy all the size 4s?

(Don’t think I haven’t noticed that this is the second piece of Shoe Kryptonite to be produced by Kurt Geiger this month. I think they’re targeting me. They’re trying to destroy my shoeper powers by destroying my bank balance. And they’re succeeding!)


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