Yves Saint Laurent ‘Gipsy 105’ woven heeled sandals

These shoes have their backs to us, not because they’ve done something wrong and been sent to stand in the corner, but because the heels are the most interesting thing about them. Don’t believe me? Oh, OK, here’s the side view:

See? They’re not bad shoes, but the white uppers are a bit… well, bland, really. The purple heel and sole, however, are a different matter, and while I wouldn’t buy them myself – and certainly not for £539 – they did make me stop and look, and if a shoe has the power to make me stop in my tracks, well, that’s normally enough to make me want to show you it.

These have woven heels, just like almost every other pair of shoes I seem to find right now, which have been dyed a deep, vibrant purple. And that’s about all I have to say about them. I’m off to look at those Miss KGs again now: you, meanwhile, can click here if you want to have a better look at these.



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