Blue bow-heel shoes by Carven and Mellow Yellow

blue bow heel shoes in two styles

Bow-heel shoes by Mellow Yellow, £125

What was that I was saying yesterday about all of the version of Carven’s bow-heel shoes which are starting to pop up everywhere? Well, here’s another one!

I hesitated a little before describing this as a case of true Shoe Deja Vu, because, as you can see, the two shoes shown above are not identical. The colour is similar, as is the bow, but one is a peep toe while one is a pump, and the bow on one is smaller than on the other. (Carven did release a peep toe version of this shoe, but with a much squarer toe, which I think looks even less like the Mellow Yellow shoe.) All the same, the Carven shoes shown on the left of the image were super-popular when they were released last year, and I think their influence on the Mellow Yellow design is pretty clear.

It’s probably wrong of me to admit this, but I actually like the high street version much better than the designer shoe in this case. Yes, the bow on the original is bigger (and it’s hard for a bow to ever be TOO big, as far as I’m concerned) and the blue is a little brighter, but I think the shape of the Mellow Yellow version is really stunning, with those low-cut sides. I also prefer the thinner, higher heel on the peep toes, and although you obviously wouldn’t see it when the shoes were being worn, the contrast between the red lining and blue upper is also very nice.

Finally, of course, the price is a lot more attractive, too. The Carven shoes are now sold out, but were £315 new. The Mellow Yellows, meanwhile, aren’t exactly “cheap” at £125, but still more affordable than that!

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  • I totally agree with you. That slimmer heel on the Mellow Yellow ones looks so much more elegant. I am trying to refrain from buying any more peep toes though, considering the dreadful Belgian weather. (seriously, doesn’t it seem like Winter will never end?!) I guess that those gold Lady Dragons that I finally (!) scored on eBay today aren’t the best purchase then, but at least they are waterproof. 🙂

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