Zara black and white stripe platform wedges

black and white stripe platform wedges

Zara black and white stripe platform wedges, £39.99

Oh, come on! You didn’t seriously think I’d neglect to show you these black and white wedges, did you? Not when black and white stripes are one of the looks of the season, and I seem to be making it my own personal mission to track down every last pair of shoes featuring this print, anyway…

Of all of the stripe shoes I’ve found so far, these are both the boldest, and the hardest to wear. These two things are not unconnected. The problem with a very bold print, as I’m sure you know, is that while it can look amazing in small dozes, in big ones it can be overwhelming, and can even end up looking a bit cartoon-ish. I don’t think that’s the case with these shoes, but it’s definitely going to be harder to apply a black and white stripe to a pair of platform wedges, and not have it take over your whole look. The way I’d probably do it would be to wear the shoes with another block colour, allowing them to be the focal point of the outfit: black or white would be the obvious choices, but it’s not like these colours will be hard to wear with practically any other colour you choose, either!

These have a 5.3″ heel, and a fabric upper. What do you think of them?

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  • Love them, might actually have to buy them. I had already saved them in my oh so dangerous bookmarks map labeled “things I want” since I spotted them last week. OOooooh, why am I so weak when it comes to shoes?!

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