Asymmetrical gold strap wrap around sandals from Arden B


With the Christmas party season just a few weeks ago, evening sandals are about to start selling by the stiletto-load.  When it comes to evening shoes, metallics are always a safe bet, as they’ll go with almost any colour, and I particularly like pale gold which, like nude shoes, can have a lengthening effect on the leg.

With their thick ankle straps, these Arden B sandals won’t exactly do that, mind you, and, as with any ankle-emphasizing style, they’re the kind of shoes you’ll have to tread carefully in: not because of the heel height, but because that strap could run the risk of cutting your leg off at the ankle (not literally, natch: that would be… different) and that’s not a look you’ll want to go for. On the right legs, though, these could just work, and I do love the asymmetric straps. If you want to give them a shot, they’re just $48 at Arden B.

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