Topshop ‘Ava’ gem slingback flats

Topshop 'Ava' gem slingback flats

Topshop ‘Ava’ gem slingback flats

I’ve been featuring a lot of high heels lately, so today I thought it was time to show some flats a bit of love, too.

These are Topshop’s ‘Ava’ slingback flats, and although they’re also available in black, who can stop to look at a pair of basic black flats when there’s this sunshine yellow shade to look at instead?

Actually, that’s not quite fair, is it? The black upper may be less eye-catching than bright yellow, but it’s anything but basic, courtesy of that beautiful bejewelled embellishment on the toe. The shape of these is also very elegant, with the pointed toe and slingback heel, and although rhinestones usually scream “evening wear” to me, I’ll happily make an exception for flat shoes: they’re automatically “casual” as far as I’m concerned (Even when they look anything BUT casual…), so I reckon these could easily work with jeans or something similarly casual, don’t you?

Of course, the great thing about shoes like these – especially in that awesome bright yellow shade – is that, whatever you decide to wear them with, the shoes are always going to be the star of the show, and the only accessory you’ll really need. Want to wear a plain pair of blue jeans with an equally plain white t-shirt? Just add these shoes, and suddenly that most basic of outfits is looking a whole lot more interesting. Little black dress? Ditto.

As the uppers here are textile, I probably wouldn’t recommend these for a large amount of outdoor use (Especially not in winter, when doubt they’d stand up to rain and sleet-covered pavements!), but they should be fine for drier days and wearing indoors – and at just £29, they’re not exactly a huge investment purchase, either!

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