Jonak ‘Laura’ metallic peep toes

Jonak 'Laura' metallic peep toes

If you’re a regular reader, you’ll probably already know how much I love green. And pink. And gold. And rose gold. It’ll come as absolutely no surprise at all, then, to learn that I also love these Jonak peep toes, which are available in every one of those colour, and which have a lovely, vintage feel to them. When I first came across them, my first thought was that they look like a fabulous pair of old-style dancing shoes – and I mean that in the best possible way, because while these do have an “old style” feel to them, they don’t look old fashioned or dated. In fact, the style is quite simple, in a very timeless kind of way, and that metallic upper helps give the shoe a contemporary feel. Which leaves just one problem…

Which colour to go for?

When given this kind of choice, I’d almost always end up going for green, which is my favourite clothing colour by far. I don’t actually wear a lot of green shoes, though (for some reason, it doesn’t always quite work for me in shoes, for reasons I’ve never really been able to figure out), which makes me wonder if one of the other three shades might be a better bet here. The green definitely stand out from the crowd, but pink, gold and rose gold all function as neutrals, as far as I’m concerned, and all three would work well with just about everything I own. Just don’t ask me to choose between them, though – I don’t think I’m equal to that particular challenge!

If you’re better at decision-making than I am (Or, alternatively, are just determined to buy all of them, and hang the cost!), these are all available at Spartoo, where they’re currently on sale for just £68.

[In collaboration with Spartoo]

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