River Island Pink Bow Court Shoes

River Island Pink Bow Court Shoes

River Island pink bow court shoes

Earlier this year, I bought these pink bow court shoes from Office.  A few weeks later, I got a pair of pink bow sandals (which are no longer available: boo!) for my birthday, and then last month? Last month I bought the pale pink version of the ‘On to Point’ shoes which I never seem to stop talking about here – probably because I never stop WEARING the things.

My point? Well, I have two, actually. The first point is that I obviously – OBVIOUSLY – have a bit of a thing for pink suede shoes right now: either with or without a bow embellishment on the toe.

My second point – and it’s an equally obvious one – is that I have absolutely no need for these pink suede shoes from River Island. Why do I want them, then? Honestly? I guess it’s an obsession, really – and not just with pink shoes, either, but with anything I love: no matter how many versions I have, I will still always want more! Don’t worry, though, I’m definitely not about to give in to temptation with this one: I think 3 pairs of pink shoes in the space of a year is more than enough for one person (Although, in my defence, I do wear all of them regularly: it’s such a versatile colour, and a little more interesting than nude, into the bargain…), so I’ll be leaving these beauties on the shelf. Even although they really are gorgeous, with that big, floppy bow. And, actually, THIS shade of pink is a dusky pink rather than a pastel one: I mean, that makes them TOTALLY different from the shoes I already own, right?

Nah, I’m not going to do it. You, however, could always buy them for yourself, so I can vicariously enjoy them through you. Do we have a deal?

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  • River Island has some nice stuff it seems! I wish we had it in Canada so I could shop there (or, more realistically, that they had it in the States so I go drive across the border and shop there).

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