RED Valentino pink leather bow pumps

RED Valentino pink bow shoes

pink bow shoes

Red Valentino pink bow shoes


RED Valentino pink bow shoes, £278

Would it be OTT of me to say these are possibly the prettiest pink shoes I’ve ever seen? I don’t think so. I mean, just look at that bow! That colour! That perfect, almond toed shape!

Even without reading the title of this post, most of you would probably have been able to guess the brand as soon as you saw the bow. These shoes have such a distinctively “RED Valentino” look that there’s just no mistaking them. Even the pale pink colour is the perfect fit for the brand’s feminine aesthetic, with the puffy little bow acting as the icing on the cake – or the bow on the shoe, as the case may be.

What to wear with these shoes?

They’re pale enough to work with most colours, so I decided I may as well have a little fun and pair them with an awesome polka dot dress:

polka dot dress and pink shoes

What to wear with RED Valentino bow shoes?

dress // bag // lipstick // nail polish 

There’s absolutely no point in trying to tone down the “girliness” of a pair of baby pink bow shoes, so this outfit amps it up instead, with sugary-sweet accent colours paired with a retro-inspired polka dot dress. Sadly, the Charlotte Olympia bag costs more than the rest of the outfit put together, so it never will “Be Mine”, but that doesn’t stop me admiring it from afar!

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