Sale Alert: Miss KG Glacier Two Part Platform Sandals

Miss KG Glacier Two Part Platform Sandals

These shoes are just a little bit out of time, in that the berries (at least, I think that’s what they are) on the toes are much more Christmas than they are “February”. They WERE actually available at Christmas, as it happens (that explains it, then!), but I somehow managed to miss them, and am using the excuse that they’re now on sale, and still available in most sizes, to show you them now. I guess if you think they’d be too festive to wear right now, you could always tuck them away for NEXT Christmas – think of them as an early Christmas present, maybe?

Anyway, regardless of whether or not they’d be appropriate to wear in February, I really like the embellishment, and I also like the two-part platform sandal, which has a 5″ stiletto heel and narrow ankle strap. As I managed to miss out on them when they were first released, I decided to take a quick look and see if there were any other Miss KG shoes I should have shown you, but didn’t, and whaddya know:

Miss KG Gala two-part court shoes

These shoes are called ‘Gala‘, and they’re also currently on sale (They’re £47.50 at the time of writing, although I can’t guarantee what the price will be at the time of reading!). They have an interesting metallic toe, which contrasts with the black suede heel and ankle strap, and the fabric bow. The bow is, of course, my favourite thing about these shoes, and although I can’t help wishing they were regular court shoes, rather than two-part ones (Purely because I’d get more use out of them that way), they’re a nice shoe, and a little bit different from the many (many!) other pairs of bow-front heels out there.

These are just a few of the pairs of Miss KG shoes on sale at ASOS right now, so if you like the brand, but like them even more when they’re on sale, don’t forget to check them out!

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