Polka dot soles from Sophia Webster

polka dot shoes with polka dot soles

I’ve shown you many pairs of polka dot shoes here over the years  – and many pairs of Sophia Webster shoes, too, come to think of it. It’s not often, however, that I come across a shoe which has a polka dot sole to match the upper – like these ‘Lilico’ black and white strappy sandals.

I  know it seems like such a small detail, and perhaps not even worth mentioning, but this kind of detail can make all the difference to a shoe – just ask anyone who loves Christian Louboutin, and his famous red soles. I also always think a coloured or patterned sole, as well as giving a shoe a ton of added impact, can make it look much more expensive, too. It’s not often you see a cheap shoe with this kind of detail, after all, and the fact that these Sophia Webster sandals carry the print right around to the insole, creating a “wrap around” effect, just makes them all the more unusual – and all the nicer, in my opinion at least.

Print aside, these shoes are very typical of Sophia Webster, and, indeed, the designer has launched a few different variations on this shape, all with the same floral embellishment on the toe. If I wanted to be picky, I’d say the flowers are just a little redundant here: I’d personally prefer these shoes with a more streamlined shape, which would allow the print to do all the talking, but that’s just me, and there’s no point being picky with such a cute shoe, is there?

As always, I love the slightly covered heel and very delicate shape, which is so characteristic of the brand, and if I had the chance, I’d wear these with a completely monochrome outfit, to really play up the black and white effect.

6 Appearance
3 Price
6 Versatility

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