Jeffrey Campbell ‘Mind the Mint’ wedges

Jeffrey Campbell Mind the Mint wedges

I tend to be pretty harsh on Jeffrey Campbell here. Sorry, Jeffrey, and fans of Jeffrey! I can’t help it, though: the designer’s aesthetic is just so far removed from my own taste that the praise lavished on the shoes he makes will probably never cease to be a source of mystery to me.

Still, in an effort to redress the balance, I thought today I’d show you a JC shoe that I actually DO like.Somewhat predictably, the ones I’ve picked are the ones furthest removed from the usual Campbell fare – in fact, I probably wouldn’t have guessed these were the same brand as the infamous Litas, if it hadn’t been pointed out to me! But I would wear these. I think it would take a little bit of work to make them look a bit less “old ladyish”, sure. But I would wear them, and I would maybe even like it.

Would you? Click here if so, but be quick – there are only a couple of pairs left!


  • I love these. I like how they are inherently summery but because they are closed toe I could get away with wearing them in December.

  • I know nothing about Jeffery Campbell other than what you write about him; I don’t think his brand is available in Australia. I’d like these without the old lady print around them.

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