Casdei ‘Agathe’ red patent point-toed peep toes

Casadei Agathe red pumps

Well, if ever there was a shoe that deserved the title “killer heels”, I think Casadei’s ‘Agathe’ court shoeswould be it!

I know the very pointed toes on these will be a deal-breaker for many of you, but they’re the very thing that gives these shoes that rather “dangerous”, overtly sexy look that makes them stand out so much from the crowd. Of course, the bright red uppers and stiletto heel add to that effect too: they’re true “vamp” shoes, complete with lipstick red upper and spike heel.

Despite the appearance of these shoes, the heel is just a touch over 4″, which, although high, isn’t shockingly high, and is actually quite a bit lower than many of of the shoes I show you. This means that although they look dangerous, they should hopefully be easier to walk in than you might think. That’s not to say that people won’t stare at them, though: these are the kind of shoes that are designed to attract a LOT of attention!

These are £315 at Spartoo: click here to buy them.


  • That’s a seriously sexy shoe. Casadei are swiftly heading to the top of my list at the moment, they are turning out some very classy shapes that still manage to have a little ‘edge’

  • Love how they look! They are very similar to the Blade ones you bought but they are more classic. To be honest I prefer yours, but I like their name. I don’t know if they were going for this but Agathe means thorn in Greek. 🙂 So they have a blade and a thorn. Of course it can just be a name.

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