Rochas crystal crisscross sandals

Rochas crystal crisscross sandals

These sweet little black suede sandals are by Rochas, and just look at that sparkly bow on the toe! Unfortunately, looking is all I’m going to be doing here (and from a distance, at that!), because these cost a cool $1.810. Now, personally I’m not sure the price tag quite matches the shoe, in this case, because while I do like them (and particularly like the bow!), for that price I’d expect a shoe to really bowl me over, and these ones don’t quite manage it.

Having said that, I now feel a tiny bit guilty, though (Sorry, shoes! I still love you, I promise!), so in an effort to redress the balance slightly, I’ll just add that the chunky heel makes a refreshing change from the stilettos we’re more used to seeing on this style of shoe, and I’m also a fan of the gold criss-cross ankle strap, which provides some contrast with the black upper.

Also from Rochas, and sticking with the “chunky heel” theme, I also like these glass embellished sandals:

Rochas embellished sandals

Again, these demonstrate a nice use of contrast, although this time it’s a pink patent heel and insole which contrasts with the heavily-embellished toe strap. These also have a slim, wrap-around ankle strap, and they’re ALSO very expensive, at $1,183. I think we can safely say that if you see the word “Rochas” combined with the word “embellished” in the product description on a shoe website, you can expect to parting with quite a lot of cash, if you want to take them home with you.

If you do, though, I think these would both make lovely evening shoes, and while you’d obviously have to try them on to properly assess the comfort level, I’m thinking that heel looks like it wouldn’t be too tricky to walk, dance, or do whatever else you fancy in.

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