Christian Louboutin Doracora Sling 160cmm

Christian Louboutin Doracora Sling 160mm

I WAS going to save these shoes for Valentine’s Day (because what could be more appropriate than a pair of shoes with pink hearts on the front?), but I just can’t wait any longer. And I guess if I show them now, you MIGHT just be able to get them shipped in time for February 14th – which I’m thinking of re-appropriating as a day for shoe lovers to indulge themselves. Well, why not?

These are called Doracora Sling, and they’re the slingbacked, platform soled sisters of the original Doracora pumps, which I showed you a while back – and which are my favourite Louboutins of the moment. I’d personally rather have the pumps than the platforms, because that sole is a little too chunky for my tastes, but I wouldn’t kick these out of the shoe closet either – and I do really like the hot pink heel, to match the pink of the heart. If you don’t like either of them, however, perhaps Cristacora will be more to your liking?

Christian Louboutin Cristacora pumps

These have a black velvet upper topped with a sparkling jewelled heart, and they’d be perfect for a special occasions. Speaking of special occasions, it doesn’t get much more “special” than your own wedding day, and if you’re a fan of jewelled details on toes, I think the ivory  satin version of Louboutin’s ‘Barzas’ d’orsay pumps would look amazing peeking out from under your dress:

Christian Louboutin Barzas shoes

As you can see, these also come in black, and not only is the butterfly embellishment on the toe absolutely exquisite, the shape of the shoe itself is rather special, too. I love the low-cut vamp, and the cut-away side, both of which combine to create a really elegant, sophisticated looking shoe, which are a perfect example of the genius that is Christian Louboutin.

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