Charlotte Olympia skeleton appliquéd silk-satin sandals

Charlotte Olympia seleton sandals

Charlotte Olympia skeleton sandals

Charlotte Olympia ‘Skelton’ sandals, $785

Are you going to a Halloween party this year? Started thinking about your costume yet? I have, and, as you might expect, my costume is all about the shoes. Not THESE shoes, though, I hasten to add. Because these shoes are $785, and that’s a little bit much for a Halloween costume, especially given that my policy with such things is to just wear clothes I already own, and buy anything else I need on eBay/Amazon for as little as possible. Well, there’s no point spending money on something you’ll only ever wear once, when you could spend it on a pair of shoes, say, which you could wear over and over again.

Could you wear these Charlotte Olympia shoes over and over again? Sure you could. Yes, that IS a bone on the t-strap, there’s no denying that. And yes, it DOES push them firmly into “novelty shoe” territory: that’s also true. It’s probably a small enough detail, though, that you could get away with wearing them outside of a costume party, as long as you had the right attitude, and perhaps a bit of a gothic taste in fashion. Then again, I actually find this particular bone to be more comical than it is creepy – Is it just me, or does it look like something a cartoon dog would chew? – so you may be able to pass these off as simply “quirky”, and wear them any time of year. I’d personally want to be able to do that if I’d just spent $785 on them, but of course, I wouldn’t personally spend $785 on shoes with bones on the front, so it’s a bit of a moot point, really.

My point? If you’re looking for an awesome and affordable Halloween costume idea, these probably aren’t it. But if you just really like bones, t-bars, or Charlotte Olympia, you might just love them.

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  • The first thing that popped into my head when I saw these was definitely “dog bone” rather than Halloween! Cute but I feel like it would be easy enough to make your own felt bone and stick it to a pair of heels you already own rather than to spend this much money on novelty shoes…!

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