Shoe Kryptonite: Louis Vuitton velvet ‘Beauty’ bow pumps

I’m no big fan of Louis Vuitton – in fact, I’m not even a little fan of Louis Vuitton, but I am a huge fan of these shoes, which I’ve been smitten with since they appeared on the runway earlier this year. The Winter ad campaign sealed the deal for me: these look much better on a foot than they do in this product shot, and they’re the perfect finishing touch for the “ladylike” look that’s going to be so popular this season (and which I wholeheartedly approve of).

These also tap into this winter’s velvet trend, topping the velvet uppers with a flat bow, and finishing it off with a Swarovski crystal covered heel. When the words “Vuitton” and “Swarovski” appear in the same product description, however, it’s a big clue that the price is going to have you reaching for the smelling salts: these are $1,420, and they’re not available online, so you’ll have to search them down in a Louis Vuitton store if you want to buy them.


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