ASOS ‘Personalise’ cage pointed high heels

ASOS 'Personalise' cage pointed high heels

ASOS ‘Personalise’ cage pointed high heels, £45

First, the bad news: these shoes don’t have a zip at the heel, like some similar multi-strap styles do, so every time you put them on (and take them off, for that matter), you’re going to have to fasten 12 fiddly little buckles. Which means no more getting dressed at the last possibly minute, for the likes of me.

There’s also quite a bit of good news relating to these shoes, though, namely:

  1. They’re only £45 – doesn’t get much cheaper than that.
  2. They also come in silver.
  3. Just look at them!

I think # 3 is the most important point here, because the second these shoes appeared on my screen, I thought, WOW – and that’s always a good sign when it comes to shoes, don’t you think? The sharply pointed toe and shiny patent upper gives these a very vampy feel, perfect for those times when you want to feel your absolute best.

Also new at ASOS recently, and in a completely different style from the shoes above, are these ‘Pendulant’ platforms:

ASOS pendulant platforms

ASOS ‘Pendulant’ platforms, £55

These shoes have a very retro feel to them, and come in a lilac upper which is really unusual: I mean, how often do you see shoes in this shade? These also come in black, which isn’t quite as fun, but IS perhaps a touch more versatile.

Finally, remember the ASOS ‘Collective’ patchwork boots, which I showed you a couple of weeks ago? Well, they’ve now also been released in a black version, so if you liked the style but weren’t too sure about the colours, these might be more your style! Oh, and remember how I said I’d wear them with some kind of extravagant, furry coat? I found the very one:

green faux fur

Not available in my size OR my budget, unfortunately, but in my dreams…

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