Miss KG ‘Belle’ red court shoes with bow

Miss KG 'Belle' red court shoes with bow

Miss KG ‘Belle’ red court shoes with bow, £65

When you call a shoe “belle”, you have to be really confident that they’re beautiful enough to live up to the name, and in this case, I don’t think Miss KG have anything to worry about, do you? These red court shoes are Belle by name and beautiful by… well, maybe not by “nature”, because they ARE shoes, after all, but they’re certainly beautiful in appearance, which is really all you can ask of a shoe, to be honest.

OK, that’s not quite all you can ask of it: you can also ask your shoe to be comfortable, practical and affordable, too. I can’t speak to the first of those, and how “practical” these are will depend on what you want them for (I mean, if you’re going rock climbing, say, then “not AT ALL” is going to be the answer to that one, but if you want them for a party, they’ll probably do the job just fine), but they ARE pretty affordable at £65, so there’s that. Oh yeah, and they’re drop-dead-gorgeous: so there’s THAT, too.

These are also available in black, and are the kind of shoes that would look good in any colour. (Better in red, though. Because every shoe is better in red, basically…) At just under 4″, the heel isn’t ridiculously high, but it’s still a good height for this style of shoes, and probably just high enough to satisfy the stiletto lovers amongst us. Despite all of this, however, it’s still the bow, which sits on top of a criss-cross strap over the bridge of the foot, which provides most of the ‘wow’ factor here: I’m glad to see I’m not the only one who appreciates a good bow embellishment – Kurt Geiger have done so many of them this season that I’m starting to feel truly spoilt!

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