Ravel ‘Daisy’ black high heeled sandals

Ravel 'Daisy' black high heeled sandals

Ravel ‘Daisy’ black high heeled sandals, £66

Black isn’t a colour I tend to associate with summer, and, as versatile as it is, it’s not normally the most interesting shoe shade out there either. Despite all of this, I’ve been finding myself wanting to wear a lot more of it lately, which is somewhat unusual for me, especially at this time of year, when I’m normally all about the pastels and the white.

Still, black is very dramatic, and it never goes out of style, which is why any attempt to make the colour seem a little more summer-appropriate us just fine by me. In this case, Ravel have done that by adding a trio of white daisies to the heel (and naming the shoe after them, too). It’s a very simple touch, but it’s one that works incredibly well, and I particularly like the fact that they’ve resisted going for a ton of colour here, and have stuck to the monochrome look, which makes for a bold effect. There’s a touch of gold on the stiletto heel, too, of course, but it’s not exactly a huge dose of colour, so that monochrome effect is still the over-riding effect.

Although I’ve said the flowers help make these shoes more “summery”, that’s not totally true: in fact, I think they’d work pretty well at any time of year, and although I don’t say this often, because it’s not a look I love, I actually think they could look good with tights, too (as long as they’re opaque ones, that is). These are currently on sale for £66, which, of course, means that not all sizes are in stock, so apologies in advance if your isn’t available!

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