ShoeperStar: Jenna Dewan in Casadei ‘Blade’

Jenna Dewan in red dress and red Casadei pumps

I have to admit, I’m not really familiar with Jenna Dewan’s work as an actress. I am, however, familiar with her shoes, which are Casadei’s ‘Blade’ pumps, and although I’ve featured them before, in pale blue suede, I’m more than happy to have found an excuse to show you these again, because they’re just THAT beautiful.

Last time I wrote about this shoe, I said that it managed to look delicate and a bit dangerous, all at the same time. I think that’s even more the case with the red patent version, which adds a serious dose of sex appeal to the mix, in the way that only red patent and metal heels really can.

I also really like the sweetheart front on these shoes: it’s a detail you just don’t see often enough as far as I’m concerned!

You see these in various other colours at Casadei.



  • What is it with me and red shoes or dangerous shoes? I love these, but I can’t justify yet another pair of red shoes. I could justify that blue, though. Now to just hit the lottery…

  • These are amazing.. loved them when you first showed them and love them now… and after clicking on their website… my oh my. My jaw literally dropped.

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