Fornarina Demy patent colourblock heels

Fornarina Demy patent colourblock heels

Fornarina ‘Demy’ patent colourblock heels, £132

Fornarina’s ‘Demy’ court shoes have been featured before, although you might not recognise them. Last time you saw them, they were covered in a polka dot upper, with a little bow at the side: a very different look from colourblock heels you see above, although the basic shape of the shoe is exactly the same. I guess it just goes to show that if a shoe designer has a good basic shape to work from, that’s all they really need to create an endless variety of different styles!

As for this one, I liked it at first glance, but now that I’ve had the chance to have a closer look – and to compare it to the polka dot version – I’m not quite as keen. I don’t think that’s the fault of the shoe, though: it’s a really nice, interesting pattern. It’s just that my sights are now firmly set on summer, and lighter colours, and the combination of dark blue and sage green is much more “winter” than “summer” for me.

All of that said, these are a nice take on the colourblock look, which, as I mentioned last week, is sticking around for another season, and the fact that the colours aren’t quite as bright as some of the colourblock heels we’re used to seeing means they might be easier to keep on wearing when the trend finally dies down, too.

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