Schuh ‘Darling Do’ red suede stilettos

Schuh 'Darling Do' red suede stilettos

Schuh ‘Darling Do’ red suede stilettos, £60

Remember the Topshop ‘Gwenda’ pumps I feel head over stilettos-heels for last month, declaring them to be Shoe Kryptonite in its purest, simplest  form? I wondered aloud whether I should buy them in red or green, but actually, I knew that even asking that question was pointless, because they were absolutely sure to sell out long before I had the opportunity to buy them.

Well, I was right: those shoes sold out in both colours just a few days after they appeared on the Topshop website, and now they’re selling on eBay for £99 a pair. Seriously. I don’t like them quite THAT much (And I have a “rule” about not paying any more on eBay than I would have paid for the same item in store), so I was happy to discover Schuh’s ‘Darling Do’ court shoes, which are almost identical, down to the low-cut vamp. (And yes, I know you’d probably think that ALL red suede court shoes were “more or less identical”, but as shoe lovers know, not all pumps are created equal…)

Don’t be fooled by the photo: this is kind of a bad angle, which makes the toe look much longer than it actually is. In real life, these are just a great pair of pumps: simple, stunning, and the kind of shoes I seem to spend my life searching for, even although they SHOULD be the easiest shoes to find.

Sadly, Schuh don’t have a version in the bright green which Topshop released, but these do come in black and white leather, if red isn’t for you.

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