Boohoo ‘Katie’ pointed bow t-bar shoes

Boohoo ‘Katie’ pointed bow t-bar shoes, $20

Boohoo 'Katie' pointed bow t-bar shoes

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Boohoo is one of those websites I constantly forget to check when I’m searching for shoes to feature here, and more fool me, because these ‘Katie’ pumps are right up my street, AND they’re only £20.

Now, the fact that they’re only £20 does make me wonder what the quality will be like: I’ve never shopped from this brand myself, so I’m relying on those of you to have to tell me what you thought of them. Everything looks pretty good in the photo, though: there’s a fashionable pointed toe, a high stiletto heel, and, most importantly, that cute little bow t-bar.

These come in the colour shown, which I always think of as “lipstick pink”, plus a bright, neon yellow which, according to the online reviews, is even brighter in real life than it looks on the screen. That’s all I need to know to tell me that particular shade isn’t for me. This one, however, would make a wonderful alternative to the red shoes I love so much: it’s just as statement-making, but not quite as bold, making it a little easier to wear.

Speaking of which, here’s one possible way to wear these:

what to wear with pink shoes

 Oasis dress  ♥  Monsoon blazer    ♥  Gaorui envelope clutch  ♥  H&M lipgloss

A lot of people think of florals as purely a spring/summer thing, but this Oasis dress has a very autumn-appropriate feel, thanks to the rich, dark colours. It’s quite a bit shorter than most of the dresses and skirts I feature, but could work well with a pair of opaque tights – although perhaps not with these shoes! (I personally can’t pull off bright shoes and dark tights without feeling like Minnie Mouse: I know plenty of people who can, though!)


  • I’ve had that EXACT SAME Minnie-mouse concern! So I completely agree about the dark tights / bright shoes combo! These pumps are wonderful – I love that subtle little bow!

  • I don’t love these, they look cheap to me. For some reason I always consider blindingly bright pink to be cheap. For no good reason, I guess.

  • I think I prefer a little more toe cleavage, but I love the colour.

    FYI – you have $20 listed as the price on the top of the page but they’re actually $39.99.

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