Shoe Review | Belmondo ‘Ambra’ pink bow slingbacks

pink bow slingbacks

pink bow shoes

pink bow flats

Belmondo ‘Ambra’ bow slingbacks, £79.99

I missed out on the beautiful bow-fronted flats Nine West released last year, so when I spotted these very similar Belmondo slingbacksat Spartoo last week, I decided to order a pair, using a voucher provided by the brand.

Although I don’t wear flats very often, I’ve been working them into my wardrobe a little more frequently lately (moreso in the spring and summer), and always like to have a couple of pairs on hand, for days when I have a lot of walking to do, and don’t want to do it in heels. These ones appealed to me because of the pointed toe, which is my favourite shape for flats, the shape of the bow, and the pale pink uppers. I think I’ve mentioned my current obsession with pink a few times now, but this particular pink is very close to “nude” on my skin tone, which means these will be really versatile, perhaps even taking the place of the “go-with-everthing” gold flats, which are now reaching the end of their usefulness!

I ordered these in a size 4, and should really have gone for the 3.5, because they run just a little bit large. I was able to make them fit by adjusting the slingback down to the very last hole, but although that makes them fine to wear, the back of the heel does stick out a little. I don’t think this is something anyone would notice unless they happened to be paying an unusual amount of attention to my feet, but I would definitely go down a half-size if I was ordering these again. I’ve also noticed, purely from wearing them around the house, that the vamp of the right shoe hits my foot at a slightly awkward angle when I walk in them, which is a little uncomfortable. The upper is real leather, though, so I’m hoping it’ll soften with wear, and I think it will. The other shoe is fine (Like most people, I have an issue with one foot being slightly larger than the other!), and they’re nicely made and look great on, so I’m hoping for the best!

How to save these shoes?

Because these are slingbacks, which will need to be worn with bare feet, I’ll be waiting until Spring/Summer to start wearing these, at which point I’ll probably go for something a like this:

what to wear with flat shoes

H&M skirt, Zara sweater

(Excuse the quality of the photos on this post, by the way: it’s almost impossible to get decent lighting indoors – or even outdoors – at this time of year!)

I have a tendency to stick to trousers or jeans with flats most of the time, but I wore this skirt with my gold flats a few times last summer, and really liked it, so I’m challenging myself to branch out a little this year. That said, the fact that they’re so close to my skintone means I’ll  be able to wear them with pretty much anything, so I doubt I’d have trouble “saving” them, even if they weren’t exempt from the current Shoe Challenge!

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