Menbur polka dot and stripe peep toes in pink and blue

pink polka dot shoes

These shoes are almost too cute for words. That means I’m going to have to show you a whole lot of photos of them instead:

polka dot peep toe shoes

Don’t like pink? OK, how about blue?

blue stripe bow shoes

blue polka dot bow shoes

Polka dots? Check. Stripes? Check. Bow? Check. Peep toe? Check. All of those in one shoe? Are Menbur deliberately targeting me or something? Because it’s working, if so.

I guess my only problem with these, is… which colour to get? Given a choice between pink and navy, navy would normally win every time, but in this case, I think I’m leaning towards the pink.

Which would you go for?

[Pisum Ot by Menbur, £100.70 @Sarenza: click here to buy them.]


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