Irregular Choice ‘Windsor’ blue suede bow shoes

Remember Irregular Choice’s Tea and Cakes shoes from earlier this year? Well, these are basically a variation on that style, except the bow is a little lower on the foot, and they’re called ‘Windsor’. Oh, and they’re blue. Bright, beautiful blue. Aren’t they gorgeous?

For those of you who aren’t big on heels – or on big heels, rather – one of the good things about Irregular Choice is that they rarely produce skyscrapers: these look around 3.5″ to me, which shouldn’t be too tough on your feet. The combination of bright blue suede and jaunty little bow, meanwhile, instantly made me go “ooh!” when I spotted them on the Spartoo website, and that makes them an automatic “win” in my book: well, you’ve just gotta love a pair of blue suede shoes, don’t you?

Do you love this particular pair of blue suede shoes, though? If you do, they’re £80, and you can click here to buy a pair.


  • Mmmm the Tea and Cake shoes are a pair I regret not buying – but I could never find the red ones in my size and the black felt a bit Sloaney to me. I love these though, and that bright blue would be so cheerful in the autumn! And I have a birthday coming up soon…. *plan forming*

  • Oh my gosh I would cry with happiness to own these! Unfortunately the price is rather prohibitive. Damn the crappy shoe selection over here!

    Seriously, I should stop visiting Shoeperwoman as it is actually just torture – but I never would because I love seeing the shoes way too much. I’m like a junkie 😛

  • I really hate how that site doesn’t post the heel height! I am crap at judging size, so these look like two-two and a half inches to me. This has been problematic before, particularly once when I was just pulling out my credit card to buy a pair of shoes that looked four and a half inches to me only to spot that they were in fact six inches.

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