Schuh ‘Princess’ turquoise glitter wedge heels

Schuh 'Princess' glitter wedges

Schuh ‘Princess’, £68

I can’t quite believe I’ve never shown you Schuh’s ‘Princess’ wedges before. They’ve been around for a while now, in various colours, and I’m sure they’ll be familiar to anyone who does a lot of shopping on the UK high street. I’ve previously featured the ‘Pretty Glitter’ pumps, which are the non-wedge version, but the beautiful turquoise suede on these ones made me decide these really deserved their moment in the spotlight.

Now, if you’d told me BEFORE I’d seen these that I’d find myself admiring a pair of glitter-covered wedges, I probably wouldn’t have believed you. I think it was the “on the foot” shot that swung it for me:

(Have I mentioned how much I love it that Schuh does this, by the way? Shoes can look so different in real life, or when they’re actually being worn, that it can be so helpful to actually see them “in action”, as it were.

While we’re on the subject of Schuh:

Schuh Betsey

Schuh ‘Betsy‘, £55

I featured these as part of my summer preview, back in January, but as a lot of you shared my love for them, I figured you might want to know that they’re now available to buy. Polka-dot perfection..


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